Brand Registration is different from trademark as all trademarks are brand names but not all brand names are trademarks. Essentially a brand name can also be given to an organisation and under that organisation, there can be different products sold under different trademarks. So along with Trademark registration, there has to be a Brand registration to be done if they are different.

Trademark Registration or TM Registration or Brand Name Registration

 Registration of a trademark can be done both online and offline.

  • Offline Trademark Registration

Offline trademark registration can be done on approaching and applying to any trademark registry office within your jurisdiction however online trademark registration is more popularly used.

  • Online Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration Online involves Trademark Searches; Filling Trademark application; Examination; Publication and then the Trademark certificate is obtained.

  • Trademark Name Search- An online search portal is to be checked under a class so that the desired trademark does not have many similarities to the existing trademarks so that there are fewer chances of it being rejected or objected to later.
  • Filling Trademark application- there is a trademark application online along with some documents like logo, form 48, address proof etc.
  • Publication- After the application is approved by the registrar then there is an online publication of the seeking trademark in a trademark journal so that any objections if any can be invited and resolved.
  • Trademark certificate- If the above-mentioned criteria are completed then the trademark certificate is provided and it has to be renewed every 10 years.

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