Responding to trademark status objection involves the following steps

  • A Trademark application goes for examination by the registrar and if the registrar finds any objection(s) in the application then the status of the application is displayed as “objected” on the database. This is called Objection to trademark status.
  •  These objections are based on the rules provided by the Trademarks Act.
  •  Following a response or reply to the objection is to be sent within a month.
  •  This reply is supposed to include all the arguments necessary to reject the objection raised by the registrar.
  • After the acceptance of a written reply, the registrar will either accept the trademark or he will ask for oral proceedings.

Responding to the Trademark application Objection involves the following steps:

  • Responding to the Trademark application Objection Firstly involves a counter statement also known as an objection reply for trademark opposition is to be filed which involve filling out form TM- O which involves information of the applicant and the name he/she is trading in, address and contact details. Contact details of the agent. Trademark application number, journal number, details of the person submitting the application etc.
  • The Form TM- O is to be submitted within two months from the date on which the objection notice is received.
  • If the form is not submitted within the time period of the 2 months then the trademark application is dismissed.

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